Numerous ex-pats reside in Finland, they live there to attain different personal goals. Usually, people visit Finland for educational or employment purposes. Oikotie offers apartments to foreigners at reasonable rates in varied areas of Finland. The company not just issues apartments for long-term stays but also short-term visits for the purpose of fun trips. 

The analyses of citizens and non-residents on Suomiarvostelut compel companies to serve most validly and reasonably. This signifies that the review website keeps businesses on the right trail and deposits consumer updates. Renting an apartment is common practice in Finland and the cost of renting varies based on cities and areas.

Legal requirements

The apartment renting industry in Finland is earning massive profits not just from Finnish residents but also from foreigners. The companies are bound to obey the legal requirements while granting apartments to expats which includes approval from governmental authority to purchase a home in Finland. 

Nevertheless, consent is not required when purchasing shares in a housing company, that’s how most apartments in Finland are owned by foreigners. The apartment ownership abides the purchaser to pay for home maintenance and keep the house in actual condition without harming the property. Registration with a government agency and special residence permission are sometimes the requirements of companies that sell apartments to ex-pats.

Renting an apartment for fun trips

Some people don’t like the idea of staying in hotels when they visit a foreign land, they prefer living in separate apartments to enjoy freedom and self-containment. Finland is experiencing massive tourism, so the apartment renting industry is greatly benefiting from this opportunity. 

The companies offer cabins, apartments, and villas in desired customer locations so that they can experience comfortable living. Visitors enjoy living in houses from where they can enjoy the natural view, the wooden houses, the house in hilly areas, and small cottages. Every customer is served according to the told desires. Tourists get furnished apartments when they qualify after showing tourism visas and submitting the required documents.

Living space 

The ex-pats and residents demand rooms based on their needs and the company allot them. Companies hold apartments and homes of varied sizes and structures and charge people varied rents. The utility expense is paid formally by the company but they deduct that amount from the checkout billing of people. Residents of the country also live in rented apartments because they come from diverse cities for jobs and educational objectives. 

So, It becomes easy for them to switch apartments instead of selling a home when the job or educational institute change is implemented. The legal agreement of apartment renting abides by the company and the person who is taking an apartment on rent to obey the contract but when people buy from landlords normally no legality is followed and they can throw the renters out anytime.


Renting an apartment in Finland for expat requires them to fulfill the legalities and show documentation to the renting company. However, apartments can be rented for a short and long duration based on the span of stay in the country.