How to sell on Amazon FBA: The basics

How to Sell on Amazon FBA for Beginners - 2022 Guide to Start an FBA  Business

What Is Amazon FBA ?

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is provided by Amazon that gives storage, packaging, and delivery help to sellers. Amazon FBA permits agents to ship their products to an Amazon fulfilment center, the 200+ warehouses were Amazon stores all the products till they’re sold.

Amazon business models

Private Label: Creating your personal product label/brand, these products can be manufactured or can be purchased in bulk to sell at higher margins, this is once of the very successful models for Amazon sellers. 

Reselling/Arbitrage: Buying discounted products thru shops or on line to resell on Amazon, there are tons of experiments on this on Instagram reels & tiktok. See what can work for you based on the analysis. 

Dropshipping: Buying products at once from a manufacturer or distributor who fulfills the order and ships at once to the customer directly. 

Handmade: Creating/crafting your very own products to promote on Amazon, for professionals with certain skill set.

How to promote private label products on Amazon FBA:

With private label, you source or produce in bulk to promote under your very own company or label. This is the most frequent income approach — 71% of all Amazon marketers use it.

What you do:

1.Product research: Research products that have excessive demand and low competition on Amazon to discover the most worthwhile opportunity.

2. Product sourcing: Find a dealer or producer to create your product at the best cost. The provider can ship your products without delay to Amazon’s warehouses, this is the very important aspect of this whole equation to achieve success on Amazon.

3. Product listing: Create a detail page for your product & start selling

4. Promotion: Launch and promote your products to stand out amongst Amazon’s catalog of thousands and thousands of products and rank in the product search results.

5. Sales management: Monitor your stock and sales, and scale your business to hold these earnings coming in! There are tons of empierced amazon sellers with Amazon Agency’s who will help you get all the know how to be successful as a Amazon seller.

What Amazon does:

1. Amazon receives your products (from you or your supplier) and stores it in one or extra of their million-acre success centers, which are large warehouses run by using robots and Amazon employees.

Your merchandise are inventoried and sorted. (It’s in Amazon’s quality practices to take proper care of your products, however if they are by some means destroyed in one of Amazon’s warehouses, Amazon will reimburse you the full retail price!)

2.When a user places an order on Amazon for your product, Amazon approaches the transaction automatically.

Your product is picked from its regional Amazon’s warehouse shelves, packed into an Amazon box, and shipped to the customer.

3.Amazon manages communications with the customer, along with transport notifications and tracking, reviews, and even returns.

Selling on Amazon is a outstanding way to build a commercial business and make money online. In this we explored a number of options to sell on Amazon and how to get started.