Solar Panels: How long do Residential Solar Panels last in Shreveport?

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There are a lot of residents in the state of Louisiana, particularly Shreveport, who have been deciding to install solar panels and own their own solar system, choosing to go all natural with the energy source that they have in their residential home and commercial buildings, not fully depending on their grids to power their homes and businesses. There are a lot of places that you could go to in order to get residential solar panels in Shreveport that you could consider and get a consultation to help you make up a plan on how you could go solar as well. 

With that being said, you must have a lot of questions lingering in your mind about the whole process, like how long do residential solar panels last in Shreveport? And should you get solar in Shreveport? Hopefully, this would be able to help you out and answer some of your questions.

Cheapest current offers on installed solar systems in Shreveport

System size        Average cost per watt            Average system cost (after tax)

     4kW            $2.41                            $7,123

     5kW            $2.31                            $8,536

     6kW            $2.21                            $9,798

     7kW            $2.18                          $11,301

     8kW            $2.20                          $13,020

     9kW            $2.14                          $14,252

    10kW            $2.11                          $15,650

Above is a table of the average cost of residential solar systems by system size and the solar panel installation cost in Shreveport. Typically, the larger the solar installation that you are going to have, the lower the cost per watt because these usually have the bulk prices, but you would still have to pay at a higher cost because they are all made up of more than individual panels.

Usually an average cost per watt in Shreveport, Louisiana would have to be around $1.99 to $2.43 and these prices of solar panels would be after the 26 percent federal tax credit is observed.

What happens to solar panels after 25 years?

There currently is a power transition happening in our world. With a lot of people choosing to go solar and transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources where it would be a lot better for our environment compared to how we used to get our electricity, which is fossil fuels. We are privileged now that we have all these options, but what would happen to solar panels after 25 years?

In order to know that, we must answer the question: what is the lifespan of a solar panel? 

The average lifespan of solar panels is 25 to 30 years, so with proper care and maintenance, there is a possibility that your solar panel would go up to 30 years. Keeping in mind all this new information, the lifespan of solar panels does not mean that they are not going to work anymore and they will stop producing electricity after a couple of decades. This would just mean that the energy that they would be able to produce is decreased by what your solar panel producers and manufacturers consider optimal in order to meet the average American family’s energy needs.

Do solar panels need replacing?

The only time that you may or may not even consider replacing any of your solar panels would have to be when they are broken, damaged, and when you noticed that they are not producing any more energy, or when they are having a hard time producing any. Most of the solar panel manufacturers may or may not provide you a 25 to 30 years of warranty, in order to guarantee you, as their customer, with high-quality solar panels.

Should You Get Solar in Shreveport?

Louisiana in general is a pretty sunny state, no matter what city you are in, they all have an average of 100 days of sunny and more than a hundred partly sunny days, look at the following charts for more information:

Annual Days of Sunshine

City             Sunny            Partly Sunny            Total Days with Sun

Baton Rouge          99                    119                218

Lake Charles          98                    115                213

New Orleans          101                    118                219

Shreveport          114                    100                214

Amount of Sun

                                 City                        Percentage of Sun

Lake Charles                            72

New Orleans                            57

Shreveport                            63

Judging by the amount of sun Shreveport gets, it is safe to assume that it is a great idea for you, as a resident, could and should get your own solar panels. This would be able to help you store up energy that you need when there is a blackout, or you could always sell your excess energy back to the grid and make more money, or get compensated.