What Is an FTP, And How Can It Benefit Your Reseller Hosting Business?


As a Windows or Linux Hosting reseller, you have to deal with many file transfers between your server and clients’ websites. 

However, to offer your client the best cPanel Reseller Hosting services, it is essential to manage the file efficiently. One such method you can use for convenient transferring of files is File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 

In this article, let’s explore more about FTP and how it will benefit your Reseller Website Hosting business.

What is FTP?

FTP, or the File Transfer Protocol, is a network protocol that helps to transfer between computers through TCP-based networks, such as the Internet. FTP works by opening two communicated connections on computers, one designated for the commands and replies sent between the two clients and the other handles data transfer. 

Generally, there are three basic components of the FTP system:

  • FTP Server

An FTP server is a hosting server or computer where users can store and access the file. However, in the case of the Reseller Hosting business, the FTP server will be the same one that the Reseller Hosting services provider uses to create and manage multiple client accounts.

  • FTP Client

It refers to a software application connecting to the FTP server to upload, download, and manage the files. Your client can easily use FTP client software to access the websites stored in the hosting server.

  • FTP Commands

It refers to the set of commands that the client sends to the FTP server to operate the specific actions. These commands are used for uploading, downloading, deleting, and renaming files. Further, it helps list directories, retrieve information, and configure the server settings.

Benefits of Using FTP in Reseller Hosting Business

  1. Easy File Management

With FTP, you will get an intuitive and user-friendly interface that will help you manage files on your server. 

With FTP client software, you can easily upload, download, and organize your client’s website files, and they can easily be accessible by them without the how-know of the aspects.

  1. Remote Access

With FTP, your clients will get remote access to the server’s files which helps them to modify their website files from anywhere. 

It makes it easy to do business with the team and clients located globally.

  1. Efficient File Transfer

FTP uses a dedicated channel for data transfer which offers the fast, reliable, and secure transmission of files. 

Thus, with the help of FTP, it will become easy to handle large files for updating multiple files simultaneously.

  1. File Security

FTP supports secure file transfer protocols such as FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). And these protocols encrypt the data during transmission. 

This process will help maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive information and data, which further helps gain the client’s trust in your business.

  1. User Management

FTP also allows you to separate FTP accounts for each client, giving them a separate login and access only to their specific files and directories based on their hosting reseller package. It enhances security and simplifies account management for your cPanel Reseller Hosting business.


FTP plays a vital role in managing and transferring files for your Reseller Hosting business. 

Thus by investing in the robust FTP system, you can leverage multiple benefits which help to enhance your present customer satisfaction and attract potential consumers to buy Reseller Hosting from your company. 

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