Covid-19: Milk supply chain disrupted in Maharashtra

Out of one.19 crore litre each day milk creation in the Point out, forty seven lakh litre is remaining unsold putting milk producer farmers less than huge distress. Farmer organisations have demanded that the Point out authorities must supply financial assistance to milk producers.

The Point out has about 46 lakh milk producer farmers and milk dairies which obtained milk at ₹33-34 litre have reduced the procurement price to ₹18-19 for every litre after the Covid-19 outbreak.

“About 86 lakh litre milk is offered in pouches. But owing to lockdown, this promote has arrive down to 67 lakh litre for every day. The Point out authorities is obtaining five lakh litre milk to assistance farmers but nonetheless, there is forty seven lakh litre excess milk. This has influenced procurement price and has additional huge stress on farmers” reported former MP and Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS) chief Raju Shetti.

A cow milk producer farmer bears the price tag of about ₹27-28 to develop a person-litre milk and the similar is getting offered at ₹16-seventeen for every litre after recurrent lockdowns due to the fact March. SSS will start a a person-day agitation on Tuesday (July 21) to thrust for the demand looking for assistance to milk producer farmers. SSS had sought a authorities grant of ₹5 for every litre for farmers.

Milk producer farmers have also opposed the Centre’s decision permitting milk powder imports less than Tariff Fee Quota (TRQ). In accordance to farmers’ organisation fifty, 000 tonne milk powder quota exists in Maharashtra, and the Centre’s decision would additional deteriorate the crisis.

The Union Ministry of Finance recently exempted imports of milk and product in powder, granules or in other solid varieties into India less than the TRQ quantity. The notification makes it possible for ten,000 tonnes of imports for the fiscal with fifteen for every cent tariff on imported quantity.