Airbus rents out Beluga transporters amid air freight boom

Airbus is capitalising on the explosion in demand from customers for air freight by renting out the huge planes it utilizes to transportation wings concerning its factories.

The BelugaST transporters are 184ft (56 metres) long, 56ft (17 metres) high and carry a payload of 47 tonnes.

They are based on the bodies of the A300 widebody plane but have significantly expanded cargo place, giving them an ungainly, whale-like overall look.

The freight support, Airbus Beluga Transport, has already flown a helicopter from France to Japan without having needing to get it aside.

The shift increases the selections for shoppers wanting to go pretty huge and/or heavy objects by air.

The six-motor Ukranian-designed Antonov An-225 and its smaller sized cousin the An-124 are capable to fly heavier payloads than the Beluga, but the Airbus airplane is both equally larger and significantly broader.

The Airbus fleet is getting changed by an even greater aircraft, dubbed the BelugaXL, able of accommodating payloads up to 8 metres large, leaving five more mature planes with 20 years of company life remaining.