Coonoor tea auction offer down 2.51 lakh kg

Soon after the give of the year’s best volume for Sale No: seventeen of the auctions of Coonoor Tea Trade Association, the volume has fallen by 2.51 lakh kg for Sale No: eighteen to be held on Thursday and Friday.

In all, 20.eighty one lakh kg has been catalogued which includes some teas unsold in preceding auctions but most volume is new arrival of the teas created with the environmentally friendly leaf plucked immediately after the new unseasonal but favourable rains.

Of the 20.eighty one lakh kg supplied for this week’s auctions, as substantially as 19.sixty lakh kg belongs to CTC variety and only 1.21 lakh kg orthodox variety. The proportion of orthodox teas carries on to be low in both leaf and dust grades. In the leaf tea counter, only 82,000 kg belongs to orthodox while thirteen.98 lakh kg, CTC. Amid the dust tea, only 39,000 kg belongs to orthodox while 5.sixty two lakh kg, CTC. In all, 14.70 lakh kg belongs to Leaf grades and six.01 lakh kg, Dust grades.

Pascoes Woodlands Green tea, auctioned by Paramount Tea Marketing (SI) P Ltd., topped the full auctions past week when Radhika Traders purchased it for ₹300 a kg. Amid CTC teas, Homedale Estate’s Broken Orange Pekoe grade, auctioned by Worldwide Tea Brokers, topped when Oswal Tea Traders purchased it for ₹ 296 a kg. Pinewood Estate bought ₹ 256, Crosshill Estate Distinctive ₹ 251 and Vigneshwar Estate ₹ 200.

Quotations with the brokers indicated ₹ 98-104 a kg for simple Leaf grades and ₹ a hundred and fifty five-186 for the most effective grades. For simple Dust grades, they ranged ₹ ninety six-104 and for the most effective grades, ₹ 151-200.

The demand from customers has been visibly up in the past couple of auctions owing to improved absorption in the context of mounting Covid-19 situations as consumers commonly consider across the world that tea helps in setting up immunity.