Has the DeFi Bubble Burst? Top DeFi Tokens Crash by 50% | Blockchain News

How to make money on tokens 250% per month.

The sharp decline in the value of bitcoin has allowed large investors to turn their attention to the decentralized finance market. Many experts have already prepared data on the most promising tokens that predict more than 250% growth.

Since January 2021, Bitcoin has lost 20% of its value, and the UNI token has risen in price by 245%. So which DeFi tokens to buy?

Most profitable DeFi tokens with 300% ready.

Decentralized exchanges are very popular in the crypto world. Just take a look at the volumes market leaders such as Uniswap and Sushiswap. DeFi Token Growth May continue for a very long period of time, and although this is a young direction – it’s not too late to invest in it, but we must not forget to follow the trend dynamics. Investing in the DeFi sector needs to be done responsibly and selectively and not forget about the correction, in which you can buy tokens cheaper and evaluate projects for their uniqueness. Pay attention to other coins related to the DeFi segment: Polkadot (DOT) and Chainlink (LINK).

Problems and prospects of DeFi tokens.

The decentralized finance market is the most liquid and has an investment attractiveness for investors in many countries. The growth of the Defi market has been predicted for many years, and more and more novice investors will find out not only where to buy defi tokens, but also which ones are better to buy, and which ones should be avoided.

Of the problems of the Defi market at the moment, it can be noted that the classic inverters are not trusted, since the market is very young and is only gaining momentum. In addition, you need to know not only where to buy defi tokens, but also how to properly dispose of them and sell them profitably. We assure you that much more time will pass and there will be no question of where to buy defi tokens or how to sell them. It can become one of the currencies of everyday use, which will carry its value, like the euro or the dollar.

Scope of DeFi tokens.

At the moment, there are already services that give their assessment to the DeFi project, and therefore the value of the token of this project. For example, the well-known CoinList conducts a check of the company that issued the token, the prospect of the token, and this also means what benefit this will bring. Otherwise, no one will use it and the prospects of earning money on it tend to zero. Since no one knows how to make money on tokens that no one needs.

Investment. Everything is simple here, you bought at the lowest price, sold when the price and the profit you are satisfied with.

Lending When one token holder can lend this token to another user. Or even a whole exchange and at the same time receive daily interest in the form of a token accrual to its wallet.