Farmers’ body want action against mills not paying FRP

Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana (SSS) has demanded that the State federal government should get action from sugar mills that have unsuccessful to spend Reasonable and Remunerative Selling price (FRP) to farmers.

Sugar mills in Maharashtra have crushed 709 lakh sugarcane to make 716 lakh quintals of sugar. Till final month about 22 per cent FRP was owing.

SSS submitted a memorandum to State Sugar Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad declaring that a lot of sugar mills have breached the assure to spend the just one-time FRP and are providing the amount in phases, whilst a lot of mills have not compensated any FRP to farmers.

The Sugarcane (Management) Order, 1966 stipulates the payment of the cane rate inside of 14 times of offer, failing which 15 per cent per annum fascination on the dues is payable.

The Sugar Commissioner has confident farmers’ leaders that he will get action from mills that have unsuccessful to spend FRP in time.

In accordance to the info presented by Sugar Commissioner office, 182 mills have to FRP of ₹9,148 crore, of which ₹7,a hundred and fifteen crore has been compensated. Mills have to spend ₹2,030 crore dues to farmers.