Indian onions, pomegranates, potatoes set to enter Serbia

Serbia has granted current market accessibility for Indian horticulture create such as onion, potato, pomegranate and pomegranate arils.

The Agriculture and Processed Foodstuff Export Progress Authority (APEDA), in an advisory, claimed that for exports to Serbia, phytosanitary certificate was not required for consignments of onion bulbs, pomegranate fruits and pomegranate arils originating from India.

Nevertheless, for potato exports the phytosanitary certificate was required, APEDA claimed. “There are also particular phytosanitary requirements for potato consignments that need to be satisfied and must be outlined on the phytosanitary certificate as extra declaration,” the Apeda advisory claimed.

The Serbian current market is open up, but is not so huge, claimed Ajit Shah, President, Horticulture Deliver Exporters Affiliation in Mumbai.

India’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports registered a six for every cent advancement at $1.forty eight billion for the year-ended March 2021 above preceding year. Refreshing vegetable exports have been better in volumes at 2.32 million tonnes (1.93 million tonnes past year), when fresh fruits shipments have been up at nine.56 lakh tonnes (eight.34 lakh tonnes)

In accordance to Agriculture Ministry’s most current info, the overall horticulture production in 2020-21 is estimated to be 326.fifty eight million tonnes, an increase of about 5.81 million tonne or 1.81 for every cent above the preceding year.