Studying at a Swedish University: How to finance?

How to finance your Masters study in Sweden

If you are planning to study at a Swedish university, then you would have definitely thought of finances. This is simply because education is not very cheap. It does not precisely matter if you are going to pursue your bachelor’s or master’s; you will really have to spend a lot of money. So do you know how much fee you will have to pay and how much would it cost to stay in Sweden? Well, let’s find out!

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Average Tuition fee at a Swedish University!

There are many countries within Europe that offer free education when it comes to government universities. But as for Sweden, this is not the case. Depending on the programme and the university you have chosen, you will have to spend around 7,500-20,000 Euro per year.

Do note that the above range implies for both bachelors and masters too. Of course, programs like social sciences or economics will be less costly as compared to medical, tech, and engineering. So make sure to keep this crucial aspect in mind and then proceed.

You can find different universities offering different courses at reviews sites like Omdömesställe, where you can read reviews too. So check out if students are satisfied with their education system and if your preferred university would be good for you.

Average living cost in Sweden as a student!

Of course, you will have to live your life in Sweden too, even if as a student. So how much you will have to spend every month in order to have a feasible life there? The average to live in Sweden as a student would be 800 Euros.

You will have to pay around 350 Euros for rent, 200 Euros for food, 50 Euros for transportation, and the remaining for luxuries. You can reduce this cost too by exterminating the luxury aspect, but your life will become dull without it.

Top ways to easily finance your tuition fee at Swedish Universities

Following are the top ways to easily finance your tuition fee at Swedish Universities!

  1. Opt for Government Scholarships: Swedish government do offer scholarships to the locals and even the international students willing to study at a Swedish university. But you will have to pass certain criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship, but it won’t be so easy. But surely, your finances will drastically reduce, and you will be able to afford the fee with ease.
  2. University Scholarships: Swedish universities also offer many scholarships to students. If you could not get a scholarship for your freshman year, then you can work harder and opt for it for the upcoming semester. 

The verdict!

Yes, it can be quite costly to study at Swedish universities, but there are ways to reduce that cost. You just have to be ultimately determined to work hard and face the consequences in order to get the scholarships.