The Advantages of Putting your CV Online

Many important communications are currently done in a digital way. Why should it be any different with the CV? Nowadays, candidates can combine their skills, studies and professional experience in an online resume. This is a modern solution for job seekers and you should really try it to improve your chances to find your dream job. Not convinced yet? Here are the benefits of posting your resume on the web.

An Online CV is Easy to Make

You can elaborate your digital resume in different ways. To be sure to have an effective CV, choose a good template on a specialized website like After editing and downloading it, you can upload it to a job site so that potential employers can easily find it when they are looking for someone with your profile. You can also add your CV to your LinkedIn profile. It is also possible to post it on your own website or blog if you have one.

Some companies have their own application platform on which you can upload your CV and cover letter when you apply for a job. Generally, it also allows you to link your CV to your LinkedIn profile or to put additional attachments or photos. Thus, you can compose an online document to which the recruiter always has access.

An Online CV Helps You Find a Job Rapidly

A digital CV offers many advantages over a traditional paper resume. For instance, your online CV is available to anyone interested. Anyone can view your data and find your contact information on the web. In addition, you generally make a good impression when you manage a personal and well-maintained site in which you highlight your qualities and the provided work. From a practical point of view, a digital CV also has many benefits because you do not have to send anything by classic mail and the employer can consult the document anywhere and at any time.

An Online CV Improves your Image as a Job Seeker

Publishing your resume on some website is certainly the best way to enhance and control your digital identity. It is undoubtedly more interesting for a recruiter, when typing your name and first name on the internet, to fall on a page that you have created and which takes up your professional career with details than finding your Facebook profile. That will have a very positive impact on your image.