10 Reasons Why Egypt Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Though it is not out rightly apparent to most people, there is more to Egypt apart from the ancient treasures and its history. Egypt has surreal waters, beautiful beaches covered in golden sands, remarkable architecture, and many other scenic natural attractions. It is true to say that, any lover of travelling should definitely have Egypt on their bucket list. In this article, the discussion will feature 10 of the best attractions you can experience in Egypt. Egypt holidays are another alternative to something that you also learn so much about in terms of history and culture.

Take a Walk down the Lane of History by Experiencing One of the Oldest Civilisations

Ancient Egyptians built one of the most interesting and oldest civilisations in the entire world. To date, it is the only home to the only surviving wonder of the ancient world – The Great Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids have continued to attract a stream of baffled archaeologists and awe the entire world. To date, many ancient secrets in Egypt are yet to be discovered.

Egypt Has the Longest River in the World

The River Nile – The longest River in The World – Is found in Egypt. This river flows for a total of 6,695 km before emptying into the Mediterranean. On visiting Egypt, you can enjoy some of the other attractions straddling the Nile in the cities of Aswan and Luxor.

You Will Get to Follow the Journey of Moses

In Egypt, you will get to visit Mount Moses popularly known by locals as Jabal Al Tor. This is a holy site found in the Sinai Peninsula where the prophet Moses (Peace be upon Him) received the divine commandments from Allah. People visit this site from different religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. While in the Peninsula, you can also enjoy activities such as mountain climbing and hiking.

Enjoy the Most Unique Undersea

The Red Sea offers divers the most beautiful and diverse diving locations. Pundits even opine it has the best diving locations in the world. On diving, you will come across beautiful and bright corals and colourfully distinctive fish and the experience may tempt you to never come back to the surface. Egypt is considered a diver’s paradise because of the many opportunities it affords divers such as walls, wrecks, pinnacles, drifts, shore dives, live boards and day boats.

Egypt Has the Best Beaches

Egypt has some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you are on a honeymoon, travelling solo or taking a vacation with loved ones, you will get to enjoy crystal blue waters, wave beaches, natural blues, and beaches covered with alluring golden sand. If you are looking for memorable moments, you can easily create them on the beaches of Egypt.

It Is a Great Place for Water Sports

Egypt has some great kite and windsurfing destinations such as Dahab, Safaga, Hurghada, El Gouna and Ras Sudr. Kite surfing and wind surfing champions train in these locations because of the safe seawaters and great weather conditions. If you are a beginner in these sports, do not worry. Egypt has some of the best schools and most accomplished trainers in these sports.

Egypt Has Exceptionally Great Weather Throughout the Year

Egypt has many diverse tourist destinations meaning that there is never a low tourist season. During the summer, the weather is perfect for diving and swimming. During the winter, you can visit the ancient historical sites, as they are located in desert areas.

You Will Get to Experience the Best Desert Safari Trips

Most of Egypt is desert in nature making it the perfect place to enjoy a desert adventure. The best way to discover of all of the secrets of the Egyptian desert is to take part in a safari trip. Should you decide to take a safari, make sure that you plan on how you are going to camp to enjoy the full experience?

Egypt Is a Paradise for Art and Architecture Enthusiasts

Cairo is home to some of the best and most beautiful Islamic art and architecture. Most of the architectural and art marvels can be observed in mosques, which are older than 1,200 years such as the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan, and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali among many others. These mosques contain great treasures and are perfect destinations for history, art, architecture and history buffs.

You Will Get to Enjoy Delectable Egyptian Cuisine

Egyptian cuisine has been influenced a lot by dishes from neighbouring Middle East countries and as such, you can expect to enjoy some of the tastiest dishes in the world. Egyptian food is an integral part of the culture as locals turn to food when in times of struggle, need and happiness.