5 Factors That Make a Luxury Holiday

Everyone knows what makes a luxury holiday. You must be thinking of the large and comfortable beds, the large rooms and numerous luxurious fitting and fixtures. However, there is much more you need to know. If you want to enjoy an amazing luxury holiday, here are a few things you need to do.

Something To Note: Most people often use luxury hotels to mean a luxury holiday. Yes, the hotels cover the accommodation part. However, the entire luxury holiday, as offered by Going Luxury, involves flights, experiences, tour guides and transfers. Here is what you should consider when looking for a great luxury holiday.

1. A Personalised Service

You need to check all the reviews to identify how the staff treat the guests. At any luxury hotel, the staff should learn your identity fast enough and your likes or dislikes through the informal questions or tailored suggestions. For instance, if you love a specific drink, the staff should know that immediately and avoid any hassles with the next orders.

Also, the best service provides you with alternative options if you want to do something that might not guarantee an exceptional experience. For instance, if you want to visit a neighbouring national park, the hotel staff should be able to advise on a good destination, especially if the one you have chosen isn’t a good idea.

2. Attention to Detail

If you want to enjoy an amazing luxury holiday, you should count on top-notch attention to detail and overall common sense. Any activities planned should run smoothly. If there are any unplanned issues, the luxury holiday providers should be ready to rectify the problem immediately.

If you use licensed and insured tour operators, you can always count on the best services. Luxury hotels always offer the best levels of staff training to make sure that their guests are comfortable at all times.

3. Beautiful and Thoughtful Design

The best luxury hotels have done a lot of work to make sure the design stands out. Here, you can enjoy rooms with expert designs so you can always count on a good experience regardless of any room you choose. Also, other luxury hotels blend in perfectly with their surroundings, whether in the suburbs or in the city. The best luxury hotel allows you to absorb your surroundings and enhance the local area rather than sticking out poorly.

4. Location

The best luxury hotels are characterised by their settings. Whether it’s in a place with a rich history or in a rural location, every element of the surroundings should be buffered into the hotel. Remember, property always comes down to a location, so a luxury hotel in a specific location should always exemplify it.

5. Travel Philosophy

The hallmarks of a great luxury holiday depend on the provider’s travel philosophy. It’s actually the core principle on how a holiday maker can make or break your luxury holiday. For instance, some holiday makers rely on eco-friendly options that involve recycling and avoiding plastic, especially in areas threatened by the rising sea levels and global warming.

On the other hand, numerous luxury hotels rely on history and character to bring out the history surrounding the area. Here, you will find stories about the location during your stay. It’s definitely a great experience and a way to learn more about the local culture.


A great luxury holiday experience depends a lot on your accommodation, your wining and dining experience as well as the local trips and adventure. Where you choose to stay will determine whether or not you will enjoy your luxury holiday effortlessly.

Therefore, take the time to find a great luxury hotel that doubles as an amazing luxury holiday provider so you can make exceptional memories during your stay. Of course, for any travel, you should always be prepared with the relevant documents and enough cash or credit/debit cards to pay for all your needs without any hassles. Make sure you blend in perfectly with the local culture for a great experience.