A Contrast of Color at Black by Ezard Restaurant Interior Design

Elegance they say is hard to achieve, and when it is contrasting colors that produce it, then definitely the artist as triumphed. More often than not contrasting colors produce a clash that is unpleasant, unrefined, and amateurish to the eye, but not this design. The smooth flow from the intensely dark colors to the rich bright colors in this design creates a warm and welcoming impression that keeps the observer hooked without shouting. The beautiful

ambient atmosphere that is created within the restaurant is certainly remarkable and impressive. Know more about steak ho chi minh.

Well cured, dark, beautifully carved woodwork and leather seats blend perfectly into the white pillars and large windows. The bright light from the outside reflects of the classy floor that mixes both the dark and bright pattern reflected in the theme of the wider room. Well placed lights add an air of sophistication to the environment, and introduce a modern look and feel, without making the room too bright. Thoughtfully created dark ambience creates a feel of maturity and class, which resonated well with the sophisticated individual.


In the evenings the cool city night is visible through the windows, with well placed low ceiling lights providing enough light to power the conversation, without glare getting in the way of the all important eye contact. Tables provide a rich sense of the Australian outback, giving the room a trademark and authentic country heritage. Neatly arranged around the outer rim of the room, close to the beautiful view offered by the top to bottom all glass windows, the tables make the place feel free and spacious, reminding one of the tremendous country space available in the interior.


Not to be left out is the modern looking bar that gives the room a sense of completeness. This, after all, is a modern take on the traditional steak house, giving the old and established country design, a pinch of modern city life. The dark ceiling and warm floor gives a sense of comfort and contemporary outlook. The black color on the ceiling and the contrasting bright floor keep the keen observer guessing and impressed. The recognizable bar stools have been reinvented with attractive wood materials and unique under the counter lights, which are very welcoming and attractive to the discerning user.


For the socially minded, there are well designed booths, featuring bright cream seats, well placed on contrasting dark floors. This gives the sitting space a really comfortably and friendly atmosphere, making for interesting conversations among peers. This classic restaurant feature has been given a contemporary feel, creating a modern yet conservative steak ho chi minh in the middle of the urban jungle.

The exclusive dining rooms have not been left out; they are spacious, fascinating and created with an impressive artistic appeal. Sleek, modern chairs in the area contrast with the traditional country feel of wooden furniture steak house ho chi minh to create an attractive masterpiece topped off with an excellent chandelier, that’s guaranteed to impress the hardest of critics. The neat contrast in the dark and light themes gives a perfect mix of the Australian country with the contemporary city design with excellent results; black by ezard restaurant interior design has definitely set the bar pretty high.