Is Your Aircraft a Maintenance Trap?

Maintenance of any aircraft system can be a painstaking and tedious process. If you wish to expedite this process then there are certain things to consider. You need to prevent your aircraft maintenance getting into a rut!

Know when it is beyond repair

There is a reason why every civil, as well as commercial aircraft, undergoes different segments of tests. These inspections are conducted to ensure that various degrees of maintenance can be carried out easily. For example, every aircraft system has its own different inspections such as A, B, C, and D. The A checks happen every few weeks while the D inspections happen once in 4-5 years. The D check is the most intensive form of maintenance and is done in such a manner to overhaul the entire aircraft. Thus, it takes plenty of time and is done in a designated maintenance area. The main reason for conducting these D kinds of inspections is to assess if any aircraft is beyond repair. Many times, the stress of continuous flying, wear and tear of associated machinery and damages of parts can leave an aircraft in a continual depreciation mode. In such an instance it becomes impossible to conduct any more maintenance procedures on such aircraft systems. If this is the case with your airplane make sure you junk it. Do not spend any more time or effort on the maintenance of such an aircraft! At this service, you will also find fleet engineers who are of good quality.

Know the costs

Maintenance of any aircraft system is a highly expensive proposition. Not only are there routine cleaning costs involved but also expenses for the overhead work, cleaning personnel as well as a host of other maintenance expenses. In order to ascertain if your expenses are too high (higher than the expected norm), you need to take a reality check or a stock of the situation at hand. Make sure you check your balance sheet thoroughly. See if the cost of inspections and associated maintenance is extremely high. Talk to the owners of other aircraft systems and see if they too have similar expenses. If you find too much of a gap between your aircraft maintenance costs and theirs it is time to rethink your objectives. Your aircraft maintenance costs should ideally be within the same limit or bandwidth as other aircraft systems. If they are too high and if there is a large difference, you should probably look at other cleaning products or buying a new aircraft!

Do not get into the trap

These days, there are dedicated cleaning agents for every part of the aircraft. While most of these cleaning companies will insist that you keep stock of these solutions it may not be worth the time or money spent! There are many cleaning solutions available these days which can be used for multiple aircraft parts. Imagine the kind of money saved if you invested in such multitasking cleaning products! This can significantly cut down costs for you. You will save plenty of money and be assured that you are getting your money’s worth. Also, do a thorough check on the cleaning services you hire. Never opt for only the established cleaning agents as newer more amateur agents can do the job equally well if not better. Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System the most advanced warning system available headlines the products available on the newest addition to the Boeing family the 787 FMS.